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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Snakebit / The Edge Of Madness

This thing really does exist; it's called a Tomahawk. A quote from the official website: "Tomahawk is enough to make a stuntman want his mommy."

My mind translates this warning into "oh momma how I want one of these."

Here's the math:
X engineers + 1 engine (say, from a Dodge Viper) + special "motorcycle" frame = Y.

Perhaps you're thinking it should be "Why?!" rather than Y (if you're an engineer, I bet not).

0-60 mph: 2.5 seconds
Top Speed: 300+ mph

That would be the "why." I saw an article in an engineering design mag for this "project" several years ago. As I remember it, the story quoted a designer offering a theoretical top speed along the lines of >500 mph, though no one was suggesting that would happen.

I would ride one of these in a heartbeat. Coincidentally, that's probably about how long I'd last trying to keep this beast under control. Still - imagine the envious, approving stares while you're stopped at that red light. The light turns green, you wrench the throttle and watch your torso (and the bike of course) blast off for the next intersection. Then your newly separated head hits the pavement.

Maybe we'll wait for the production version.

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