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Monday, May 23, 2005

Dear Non-Firefox Users


Perhaps you've noticed a certain lack of decent formatting in recent posts, specifically those with pictures. Paragraphs meant to appear below piled alongside an image, pictures stair-stepped instead of stacked, that kind of thing.

Completely my fault, and I apologize for not noticing sooner. Some time ago I made a few template changes*; everything looks fine in Firefox (my fave), but not in Internet Explorer. Since I'm still in a wish-I-had-a-Mac state, I don't know about Safari; I'd appreciate page-look feedback from any Safari-riding readers.

I think it's all better now; if not please let me know. Thanks!
* Surprisingly tricky to do away with most of the default "Profile" bits for a simple, uncluttered page top. At least I found it so, mostly because I wanted to keep the pictorial profile "link." I'm no expert but I learned a few things; if you're interested in any details let me know.

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